gcm 3


This past Sunday, March 5, we had our second edition of gymnastics exams for the current season (2022/23). 

As usual the gymnasts performed their required Floor routines  and/or their Mini-trampoline acrobatic skills. We had gymnasts performing in all levels from 1 to 6. It was great to see the kids in action. Some of them making their debut with Level 1’s and others conquering some more advanced levels, all with nice and solid performances in front of the judges and their families. Not easy!!!

Congratulations to all gymnasts for their achievements!!! 😊💪🏼

None of this would have been possible without the support of all our gymnastics families. Thank you so much!!!🥰

And once again, and huge “THANK YOU” to our Coaches, Judges and Staff that made this event possible and a another success. Thank you for your continuous commitment and professionalism. 🙏🏼😊 

To purchase and view photos, please click on this link and contact Photographer Marjolene through whatsapp or textmessage +853 6313 3961